New Perspectives

14th - 23rd August

Emerging in Spring

Emerging In Spring

28th August - 7th September

In light of Flowers

In Light of Flowers

11th - 27th September

Artist Profile

Mollie Vaughan

“I feel before I see or hear”


Mollie Vaughan is a photographic artist based in Bells Beach, Australia. Her works confront humanity’s disassociation with the natural world and are often used as a powerful tool to promote environmental awareness. It is through her experimental hybridisation of both analogue and digital photography that she creates uncanny perceptions of nature. Her photographs consider photography as a process that lies in the ever-expanding boundary between art and science, the real and the unreal. Her works then reveal a sense of identity in relation to environment, as she questions the fragility of humankind without the presence of nature.



Mollie is the curator of our upcoming exhibition New Perspectives


You can see more of Mollie’s work on her website and Instagram.

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