The Edge and the Hinterland

Coastal Collaboration

A Collection of Paintings on Canvas by Ray Wilson and Ron Talbot

Ron Talbot and Ray Wilson


“Ron and Ray have only recently met but have discovered common interests in both the arts of running and painting.   Painting being the more recent passion and their collaboration over this exhibition has proved to be very fruitful indeed.  It’s not every day that you can bring two random artists together and expect things to happen!   But this exhibition certainly proves the opposite with plenty of energy and threads that tie the two bodies of work together!

Think of the Surf Coast and one conjures up beaches, rolling surf and prominent headlands!  Well the locals will soon tell you that there’s far more to the coast than this!  The magnificent Otway ranges flank the coast, stretching right back into the hinterland before finally giving way to the peaceful rural settings of the plains.   Ray Wilson’s work reminds us of the ruggedness yet subtle beauty of the coastal fringe and the urge to explore beyond just one more headland before turning back!  Whereas Ron Talbot’s work takes us inland and into the peace and tranquillity of rural life that is not at all evident on the coast.  Together they provide a narrative that clearly helps broaden the notion of “the coast” and what it has to offer.   The hasty coming together of these two artists leaves us with both a sense of surprise and satisfaction and wondering what might be possible through future collaborations.”




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Artist Profiles

Ray Wilson

Ray challenges himself to complete life paintings quickly by painting wet in wet using lots of medium, adopting as many short-cuts as possible utilising large brushes, pre-toned linen, underpainting, then, using his experience in colour mixing and visual knowledge to enliven his images with a painterly approach, to catch a mood.  All works are completed on site in a relatively short period, this is often by necessity rather than choice either because of the change in light or availability of time and or model.  He likes to distil the simplicity of a subject, the light catching an object, focussing the viewer, happy to leave unsaid as much as possible.  Whilst adopting a tonal approach, he is an unashamed colourist, enjoying the application of colour in any painting.  This he feels helps keep the artwork modern and pleasing.

Ron Talbot 


I’ve been painting since 2002 and recently moved to Victoria after a long period living in the Northern Territory and now work at my Red Door Studio in Wurdiboluc.


I use both oils and acrylics and my work tends to be impressionistic but sometimes borders on abstract with energy imparted through the brush or pallet knife. I aspire to create work that is full of colour, light and energy that is not laboured or over stated. I’m particularly interested in further developing the relationship between shadows and light and all that it brings to a piece of work.


I’ve won a number of art awards and exhibited in various galleries around Alice Springs. This is the first time that I’ve exhibited in Victoria.