4th March - 15th March 2021


Susan Weller and Elizabeth Gill

Works by Liz Gill and Susan Weller focus on finding beauty and character in the everyday.

Whether using landscape, architecture or still life Liz and Susan give a sense of time, place and connection to their images.

Liz focuses on local architecture and mundane functional buildings familiar to us all yet gives them a life and character of their own. 

She sits her subject against their natural surroundings without making anything look out of place, and so making her subject true and right.

Susan looks for beauty and connections in the everyday. She follows patterns made by light on our landscapes, architecture and objects in an attempt to explain the relationship between each element to another in their immediate surroundings. Whether it be moonah trees, discarded chairs or a strip of light across a path all are a record of a place and the connections within it’s composition at a moment in time.

Many of the works in the exhibition are small scale canvases used to depict large scale subject matter, nonsensically creating space to the viewer. Larger scale works by Susan in oil on stretched canvas use tone and colour to create the simplified shapes she uses to describe our landscape and environment without overcrowding the eye.