Online Exhibition

New Perspectives Gallery

Experimentations in Photography and Digital Media

Curated by Mollie Vaughan


Alex Jupp | Anthony Allardyce | Daniela Rodriguez | Emma Canaway | Jacob Hayes | Kim Tobin | Madeleine Kuklych | Mollie Vaughan | Rebecca Hosking | Rob Kain | The Passerby

New Perspectives: Experimentations in Photography and Digital Media, explores how photography and digital media respond to an ever-changing world. It is particularly at this time during a global pandemic, that the significance of these sometimes-ostracised mediums, have become invaluable, in delivering new perspectives on our world. Mollie Vaughan curates this exhibition in response to the growing identification of photography and digital media as mediums which are labelled ‘too commercial’ for an artistic practice in regional communities. The aim subsequently, is to redefine the boundaries of these mediums and challenge our perceptions of art. 

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