Alex Jupp

New Perspectives

Concealed (2019)

Silent, Darkroom analogue print

21 x 29.7cm


My work as an artist comes from a place of experimentation, I am constantly thinking of new ideas and ways to express themes and issues that have a personal connection to my life. I am always trying new mediums and methods depending on what the work demands. This series, titled ‘Concealed’, is an exploration into human emotions, specifically focusing on the female experience. These images explore how we as women are told to emote and express ourselves due to societal pressures. Terms such as ‘thats unladylike’, and being told to ‘smile’ no matter the situation are common occurrences for many of us. The photographs were created using analog photography, the series taking advantage of a double exposure technique to create haunting, thought provoking images.

Raised in Anglesea, Alexandra Jupp, a Deakin art student, found a passion through the lens in her teen years. Inspired by the unseen hardships of life, Alexandra likes to explore mental health, and the duality within people, to create thought provoking images.