Alisha Lyon

2021 Calendar Competition

Alisha Lyon


Acrylic on Fabriano

28cm x 38cm




I wanted to paint our coast using neon colours to communicate a sense of the surreal times we are living though. I love the gnarled, sculptural trees along our coastline. I wonder if time is transient for them, if they see our masked faces whisk past as a colourful blur?


How does your work engage with the theme ‘The World at Home’?

My work talks about the surreal and strange world that we have suddenly found ourselves living in. At times when I have felt very stressed, like nothing is stable or predictable, I go to walk through the trees. I wonder what those trees must have seen in their lives. They have provided an anchor for me through stormy times. The trees continue to grow and live dignified, tough and beautiful despite what is happening in the world. They are giant living monuments, reminding us to be still and breathe.