Rebecca Hosking

New Perspectives

Epoch (2020)

Epoch I

Digital Photograph

40.6 x 61cm

All prints are $160


The series “Epoch” is a philosophical exploration of this particular period in time.

Evoking thoughts to times past, to the present, of ideas transmitting through the permeance of space, that leave a mark for the future.  Of time, how we intrinsically journey with and through it, our perception of this experience whilst both travelling with, and being within it.

Transmitting ideas, concepts, questioning our self, our reality, contemplating the future, from the now, of what is, what has been ,what will be, and what can be.

Rebecca Hosking is an award winner artist, who creates unique, deeply philosophical, engaging, and immersive art. Inspired to share spirit, to capture, transport, to connect to each other and to the local environment, to share local stories that have an international thread. Connecting, inspiring, and engaging individuals to further engage over issues of importance. Rebecca’s modus operandi is to create new and cutting edge art that moves and transports the viewer. The Fairhaven Fine Art Photographer is inspired to create a nucleus for a sustainable future, in print and via digital projection compilations.