Anthony Allardyce

New Perspectives

On the Beach This Quiet Earth (2018)

Untitled Roadknight #2

Digital inkjet print

84.1 x 59.4cm


Seeping through the cracks of the protected Point Roadknight landscape the familiar is usurped for this new world. Marching toward the unravelling order where our lived everyday has been pervaded by an airborne alien, turning things literally upside down.  Experimental landscapes offer a glimpse into this place of diminishing clarity and future vision, where the familiar has become unmapped, organic and viral. Influenced by filmic representations The Outer Limits; On the Beach and This Quiet Earth, I offer a visual record in direct response to current circumstances. Untitled 1 plays with stillness and motion haunting rippling waves evoke a journey on the River Styx.  A Lovecraftian narrative spills from Untitled 2 a visceral organic rock vision, dripping, melting and ominous. A polarising flash exposes a post-apocalyptic vision in Untitled 3, with barriers that constrain and carrel our movement, yet for the Hooded Plovers provide protection.

Anthony Allardyce is a local artist working primarily in photography, sculpture and house renovation. He is currently undertaking a Bachelor in Creative Art and enjoys taking photographs of dogs.