Barbara Hebb

2021 Calendar Competition

Barbara Hebb

‘Hope Pouch’

Natural Fibres ,knitted.

12cm x 80cm




Fibres have been used from a previous work that were too beautiful to discard (silk and wool). Threads were knotted in sequence, then knitted to form the pouch shape. By plaiting lengths of thread together, a hanging cord was created.


How does your work engage with the theme ‘The World at Home’?

The year of ‘Staying Home’ has led a practice of using what is available within the home and garden. Our home had become our world, with time to really consider our spaces. The ‘Hope Pouch’ was a response to finding short pieces of beautiful yarn that I had been unable to discard, and having a small corner of a room that needed a little brightness. It was a meditative piece to make, bringing disconnected threads together to create on object of warmth and hope. Full of thoughts for the healing journey of our community that lies ahead.