Collen O’Loghlen

2021 Calendar Competition

Collen O’Loghlen

‘Wafered delights’

Fine frit glass

12cm diameter & 2 cm deep

$125 (the pair)



The wafered delights are made from fine glass frit, firstly fused, then gently slumped to produce a very tactile sparkling piece with a feather like lightness.


How does your work engage with the theme ‘The World at Home’?

With some quiet reflection during isolation, an idea emerged and paired with a motivation there was an obvious opportune time for creativity! I looked at the kiln and gathered the essentials and primed the shelves for the kiln. After a few batches of fusing the frit the next step was taken to make some bigger pieces. The opaline coloured fine glass frit was chosen and sifted on to the kiln shelf for fusing. The next process was a gentle slump and then the big reveal! The opening of the kiln is always a surprise and not always how one envisages. This time I was delighted to see these delicate & fragile pieces emerged from the kiln.