Jacob Hayes

New Perspectives

Chernobyl Peaceprize (ongoing)


2019, collage printed on luster paper,


Prints sold each at $30 and $5 flat rate postage


Chernobyl Peaceprize is about slow considered collage art; hand cut compositions sourced from collected vintage magazines. The original images are glued together, scanned for printing with no computer editing. The compositions suggest a world encompassing the past, present and future. They are sometimes picturesque, disturbing, ethereal and humorous; compositions that make us nostalgic for a time that never was or a future that is only in our dreams.

The dated colours and scenes document past styles and technology, a time when the future of space travel and our planet’s existence seemed enchanting and full of possibilities for adventures in a new world.

Jacob Hayes is a Melbourne-based artist who collects vintage magazines and books for creating retro collages. He creates all his collage artwork by hand, scanning and printing originals with no editing.