Elida Luciarte Ruiz

2021 Calendar Competition

Elida Luciarte Ruiz

‘Silent Bells’

Acrylic on canvas

90cm x 151 cm




The winner of the Bells Beach surf competition always rings the bell. This year the competition was cancelled, and no-one rang it. Hence the title Silent Bells. During lockdown, I walked with my dog around the beaches in Jan Juc taking photographs that I would later paint.


How does your work engage with the theme ‘The World at Home’?

I had a lot of spare time during lockdown. Every day, I would walk my dog around the beaches in Jan Juc. Taking photographs to later paint the images whilst enjoying the beauty of the surrounding coastline, made me feel unconfined. I painted a few seascapes but the one that exemplified these strange times was Bells Beach. My world at home, day after day, was portraying on canvases this spectacular part of the world I call home.