Ellise Roberts

2021 Calendar Competition

Ellise Roberts

‘Vanessa itea – The Australian Admiral ‘

Watercolour painting and paper cutout

21cm x 29.7cm




The artwork I have created represents a time of transition during the months of isolation. My time at home has been spent watching my garden grow and the life that has evolved in it as we have passed through the seasons.


How does your work engage with the theme ‘The World at Home’?

The artwork I created through watercolour painting and hand cut paper stencil reflects the theme ‘The World at Home’ with the focus being on our garden and this life within it. We have been watching this ecosystem grow, change and evolve as the seasons have passed during the months of isolation. Also the symbolism of the metamorphosis of a butterfly and the internal changes that have happened to me and my family during this time. Now a sense of freedom with changes to restrictions and not knowing when these limitations will end. Although it’s been hard at times, it has been very treasured, multilayered and beautiful time. The Australian Admiral butterfly or ‘Vanessa itea’ has been a regular visitor to our yard, a welcome delight.