Emma Canaway

New Perspectives

Ethereal (2020)

Ethereal #4, Digital print

21 x 29.7cm


The microscopic world often goes unnoticed and these tiny worlds are just waiting to be captured. I have always had a fascination with dead flowers and how their minuet details and colours almost amplify as they decay. Through my series, I wanted to create a new world only seen through the use of up close photography, an ethereal, ‘otherworldly’ effect. The unique veins and colours which appear when shot microscopically are magnified by the submergence of the flowers into water, the use of red dye and coloured cellophane. Decomposing flower petals and crumpled leaves are a scientific beauty which are often neglected to be recognised. By combining both the natural beauty in decay and microscopic photography, this series creates a dreamy, otherworldly landscape for the viewer to delve into.

Emma Canaway is a fine art photographer based on the Bellarine Peninsula. She recently graduated from a photography major where her interest in experimental works developed. Through her use of colours, textures and alternative perspectives, Emma is able to create works that highlight the intricacies of the world around us.