Fay Valcanis

2021 Calendar Competition

Fay Valcanis

‘The General’

woodblock print

20cm x 20cm




During COVID local shops were our saviour and sometimes connection to others. My woodcut print depicts the Aireys Inlet general store. I used the wood cut medium to give the image a rustic feel.


How does your work engage with the theme ‘The World at Home’?

During COVID limitations were placed on where we could go, who we could visit. At times isolation felt comfortable, staying at home concentrating on one thing at a time. But more often feelings of frustration from being at home were experienced. The local shops became our go to place and often our connection to the real world and to other people. The Aireys Inlet general store provided us with the essentials but also our connection to people and place. It was close to home and meant that we didn’t need to travel far from home for daily supplies. Here I have used woodcut print to depict the Aireys Inlet general store. The wood grain was used to enhance the rustic feel of the store and that nostalgic association people have with the general store and sense of place. It is that sense of place that we call home rather than the house itself.