Felicity Marshall

2021 Calendar Competition

Felicity Marshall

‘Still Life With Purple Cabbage’

Oil on canvas

35.5 cm x 45.5 cm




Still life of my domestic and collected objects – green enamel jug, purple cabbage, eggplant, cumquats, feathers, shells, dried plants, bird nest and fabric pieces on the wall behind.


How does your work engage with the theme ‘The World at Home’?

Being isolated in lockdown turned my gaze inwards and gave me the opportunity to rediscover my love of still life, and use it to convey a message. I used domestic objects (the jug, fabrics) plants/fruits from my garden or my pantry (cabbage, cumquats) and dried plants, feathers and nests that I love and have collected. Still life painting is very much an indoor, often domestic practice. Many of the objects here are brought in from the world outside . Lockdown was a time to explore what I had, what was close at hand and to find the beauty within. Each object here is a reminder of the world outside. A reminder also of what matters – our connectedness to nature, growth, fruiting and birth (the nest with egg). So important to reassure us during the isolation, suffering and death of Covid-19.