Jacki Burke

2021 Calendar Competition

Jacki Burke

‘COVID Community’

Oil on canvas

91cm x 46cm




Each face depicting people that touched , inspired, supported & helped me navigate COVID. A new way of connecting & communicating through screens & social media


How does your work engage with the theme ‘The World at Home’?

‘The World at Home’ has been a journey for all of us .Learning new ways to stay connected and support each other. Navigating loneliness, boredom , working & home schooling. Understanding limitations of visits to where you live and missing out on traditions and celebrations. Using Masks is a new routine that you have to get inventive if you forget it and use a scarf to get your time outside. Empathising with frontline workers that are just doing their job to assist us. Grasping new technology to keep in touch and search for employment has never been so consuming and creates it own community through social media & technology. Each of these people in my COVID Community have helped me in my home in their own way through connection, inspiration & conversation.