Kim Tobin

New Perspectives

Space Warp 2018

Digital prints on lustre paper,

27.12 x 40.64cm

Prints sold each at $30 and $5 flat rate postage


On a summers’ night the illuminated Giant Sky Wheel looms brightly against the darkness of Eastern Beach Geelong. The dream like apparition enhanced by the night-time atmosphere seems exciting and dazzling.

I am interested in experimental digital photos of the Giant Sky Wheel, transformed when darkness comes.  I use ambient light to experiment with slow shutter speed using a tripod and progress to handheld movement to distort colour and create unsettling disturbing images. I am attracted to the notion of when does the familiar become unfamiliar, strange or alien?

The wheel flashes different colours at night and the silhouetted palm trees rustle in the wind. The images glow like neon signs, retro and abstract. With controlled camera shake I am able to suggest warp speed in outer space, an homage to retro space adventure T.V. shows.

When darkness comes and the lights sparkle, the ordinary becomes magical and a little strange.

Kim Tobin is a Melbourne-based artist who travels the world photographing landscapes and architecture. She is interested in social observations of people and their possessions. Kim has a particular interest in mid-century homes and nostalgic artefacts. She portrays the ordinary as extraordinary.