Liam Packett

2021 Calendar Competition

Liam Packett

‘New Holland Honey Eater becomes a Toucan’


29,5 cm X 21cm  (unframed)




This honey eater is feasting on the nectar in a Clivia flower. With its beak thrust in, it turned into a toucan ! I took this photograph during a break from doing home schooling, after carefully watching the honeyeater at work.


How does your work engage with the theme ‘The World at Home’?

I am thirteen years old and have been a keen birdwatcher for the past few years. Whilst taking a short break from home schooling, I went out into our backyard and observed the New Holland Honey Eaters having a great time with this Clivia. I am allowed to use my Dad’s camera and was able to capture this photo. On the Surf Coast we have an abundance of birds to see and I love to go out bird watching with my Dad—especially at Anglesea. This connects me with the world around me.