Madeleine Kuklych

New Perspectives

Nature – Tasmania (2018)

Golden Hour at Cape Raoul

Digital photograph printed on canson platine paper

68 x 80cm



Nature has always been readily available to me to photograph and has been a base for me to develop my aesthetic and mood in my images. I am drawn to the textures in nature, the way the light falls over it, and its natural beauty – whether it be thriving or decaying, one always leads to the other. This series was shot during a trip to Tasmania, where I was constantly inspired by its cold and beautiful natural landscape.

Nature often finds its way into my work, its decorative, nurturing, and has bought us life. I struggle to create without it; it is so much a part of us that its only natural for me to almost always include it in my work. The love the way its various landscapes react with light to create a variety of moods, I often use this to add deeper layers to my works, using its visual language to reflect inner emotions.

Madeleine Kuklych is a fine art photographer based along the Bellarine peninsula. She graduated her Bachelor of Creative Arts (Photography) degree earlier this year and is continuing to expand her skills in photo manipulation both digital and analogue.