Marie Pirotta

2021 Calendar Competition

Marie Pirotta

‘Grubbing for dinner’

Coloured pencil on paper

300mm x 300mm




This work depicts a common bird on the Anglesea heath – a white-eared honeyeater. It is searching for insects on the young paperbark tree. The image is a reproduction of a photograph I took on the heath.


How does your work engage with the theme ‘The World at Home’?

I am a keen birder. As I am still working part time in Melbourne, I have been stuck here in lockdown. I am really missing my life walking and birding around Anglesea. To stay sane and connected to the places I love, I have drawn some of my favourite bird photographs. This meditative pastime has led to a series of drawings of small birds that people may not have noticed on the Surf Coast. I chose this white-eared honeyeater for the calendar competition, as they are common around Anglesea and I love their colours. When I see one, I feel enriched and thankful that the natural world continues to bring us joy, especially at this time when we are confined to our homes.