Marion Young

2021 Calendar Competition

Marion Young

‘Mermaid Lagoon’

Threads and Textiles





My work is an exploration of embroidery, punch needle and beading work. Using a variety of threads including wool, silk, cotton and metallic a variety of traditional embroidery knots, stitches and techniques have been explored along with punch needle techniques to create a colourful tactile underwater wonderland.

How does your work engage with the theme ‘The World at Home’?

As a regular swimmer at Cosy Corner I have been very fortunate that this has been allowed to continue during COVID Lockdowns. Escaping to the underwater wonderland of swimming over the reefs at Cosy has been an absolute reprieve even though the ocean has dipped to 11 degrees. Fellow swimmers and I are pumped for the rest of the day as we have had our dose of Vitamin “Sea.” My work Mermaid Lagoon is reflective of this experience.