Minerva Lamorgese

2021 Calendar Competition

Minerva Lamorgese

‘Speranza, Hope’

Paper-mache, sculpture and metal artwork

1.50m x 64cm x 50 cm




Speranza, Hope is a paper-mache sculpture dedicated to my daughter Mira and all the children of the world.


How does your work engage with the theme ‘The World at Home’?

Speranza, Hope has been a therapeutic artwork that I needed to create to keep my freedom alive, to travel the world within the painting’s strokes and share the message of hope with the world wide community. Bringing this illustration to life for my daughter and all the children of the world means the world to me, as the origin of the concept was born in my own childhood. Along this challenging time, this sculpture has healed my heart creating my own world at home in my studio, she made me realise that this artwork does not belong to just one individual art collector, it belongs to the community itself. Hope sculpture is currently evolving herself in an installation shape to complete the illustration concept with a circle of love made by multicultural people. This is my response and cure to the hugs deprivation and social distancing that we had to live in this 2020. I hope with this artwork to bring a positive response; The world is in our hands and it moves with the effect of the wind, it is our responsibility to look after her with the strength of togetherness.