The Passerby

New Perspectives


Spark (Night storm, Torquay)

Digital photograph printed on cotton rag paper

32 x 45cm

Framed prints $75


I’ve always been a wanderer, someone who has sought out places away from the crowds.  Since I was a boy, I have walked the clifftops, bush paths, streets and shores of the Surf Coast, drawn to the solitude, fascinated by the landscape and light here. A few years ago, I started bringing a camera along on these wanderings. The images here are some of the moments I’ve collected since I started taking pictures.   Before I carried a camera, moments like these were fleeting, hard to hold on to, like sand in your hand. But photography has changed that. It has become a basket for my beachcombing. A way to hold, keep and share those moments of found light.

My name is Shaun but my photography lives under the name The Passerby. A long-time resident of the Surf Coast, I like to pick up my camera, head out in search of quiet corners and see what comes my way