Pattie Beerens and Tom Radtke

2021 Calendar Competition

Pattie Beerens and Tom Radtke

‘Mattering Moonahs’

Photograph of installation

Variable size

Not for sale



A collaboration between Pattie Beerens and Tom Radtke in the Moonah Woodland, Point Roadnight. Pattie wove through the landscape with strings of local clay while Tom’s affinity for the local landscape captured moments like these with his camera. The installation featured in PORTAL’s virtual arts trail in 2020.


How does your work engage with the theme ‘The World at Home’?

Mattering Moonahs was along the path frequented by locals escaping for a walk to the beach. Rather than celebrating nature in its purist fantasy or despairing over the damaged times in which we live, the alchemy of the earth in amongst the Moonahs created an enchanted ephemeral scape of mattering materials. The installation became a provocation for a chat – with a young boy going for a walk to talk to a rock and with a lady who discovered that morning how her lipstick was not compatible with her mask.