Mollie Vaughan

New Perspectives

Abstracted Earth (2019-present)


Re-coded digital photographs printed on canson platine paper,

120 X 88.5cm

$1200 (with double box wooden frame-black/natural wood, under UV Glass)


Abstracted Earth is an ongoing photographic series constructed from the hybridisation of cameraless analogue processes and re-coded digital imagery. Within this series I explore the scientific explanations of natural formations through the Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci Sequence describes the law of organic growth and is emphasised in nature by the spiral formation. I then reflect upon this law in relation to ancient Earth-based cultures, in particular the Celtic people of the British Isles of whom the spiral was an integral part of their society. By making this comparison, the strong connection humanity has always had with the natural world is emphasised and the importance of our continual equilibrium with it is realised. The hidden patterns found in nature are revealed, making the unseen seen.

Mollie Vaughan is a photographic artist who combines digital and analogue processes to confront humanity’s disassociation with the natural world. Her photographs consider photography as a process that lies in the ever-expanding boundary between art and science, the real and the unreal.