Cinnamon Stephens

2021 Calendar Competition

Cinnamon Stephens


Steel, copper and mirror

120cm x 75cm




This creative metalwork designed mirror was inspired by my own garden. Now is definitely a time for us all to look to nature as a way to nurture our well being. I have created a series of artworks inspired by my garden.


How does your work engage with the theme ‘The World at Home’?

This artwork has been directly inspired by my garden at home. We have all spent a great deal of time in our homes this year, but one way of nurturing my soul is to walk through my garden and beyond. Creativity is my primary method to nurture my wellbeing, and I have felt very fortunate during the COVID 19 lockdowns to be self sufficient with my creative business located at home! I have created an entire series of artwork based on my home environment, mainly inspired by my garden. This large welded mirror frame also includes the word NURTURE in my design. Added to the design is the practicality of it surrounding a mirror. Not only used to look at ourselves physically, but to reflect on how we are travelling within. Are we really ok? This time for self reflection is always important, but even more so during this time.