To recognize Reconciliation Week 2020, Surf Coast Art Space is featuring the recent public artwork ‘A Living Entity’ at the Djila Tjarri skate and play space in North Torquay.  The mural was a collaboration between Clare Walton, Wadawurrung traditional owner Billy-Jay O’Toole and Creative Producer Maxine Bazeley, artists working together for the benefit of the community and the environment. We are all #InThisTogether.  

The work depicts a series of images and motifs designed in response to the question of how to respect and treat our natural environment.  Images and motifs are a combination of work by traditional owner Billy Jay O’Toole and artist Clare Walton with assistance from Creative Director Maxine Bazeley.  

Billy’s work showcases the different sections of country but most prominently the elements to country that are the Surf Coast including the saltwater, the coastline and the mountains on top. The story is about coming together to help protect care and look after these elements of country.  The U shapes across the ocean represent the people coming together for a healthy country with the light sandy colour down the bottom representing the coastline.  Imbedded into the sand is a traditional Wadawurrung art symbol that shares the passion Wadawurrung people have for a healthy country.  The top section is the mountains which depicts the handprints, displaying our connection to each other and making the commitment to achieve a clean and healthy country together.

Clare’s work is laid across the work of Billy depicting elements of the earth, sky and water using patterns and semi-abstract imagery that were inspired by the native flora and fauna you find along the surf coast.  The image of Wah (Crow) is depicted to represent the native birds, the green represents the grass lands and native flowers of the land, the blue is the oceans, the waterways and the animals that live beneath the water.   

Respect Our Planet as we are all part this amazing Living Entity.  The work was created with input from community and designed in collaboration by Clare, BJ and Maxine to celebrate our beautiful coastline and remind us that together we are responsible for this land.

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